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One-step Gel Nail Pen Set


💅🏻 EASY BRUSH ON! The pen-shaped design with brush tip that makes application easy to control. Gives you the ease of application with no need to dip and redip from a bottle! 

💅🏻 EASILY CONTROLLABLE AMOUNT! MAJOR Gel Polish Pens comes with a twist-to-dispense mechanism so you can easily control the amount of polish to paint on! 

💅🏻 LONG LASTING GLOSSY FINISH! Enjoy a glossy perfection that lasts up to two weeks with these one-step gel pens that takes only minutes to apply! No more top coat or bottom coat!

💅🏻 SAFE NATURAL INGREDIENTS! MAJOR gel pens are created with natural, nail-loving infusions to give your nails beauty from in and out! Feel as your nails stay nourished with vitamin E and Keratin infusion using our toxin-free, safe formula! 


  • Apply a layer of gel polish and cure under an LED or UV nail dryer lamp.
  • Repeat the process until you get the desired color intensity.


  • Weight: 5 mL
  • Length: 121.5 mm