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Smart Neck Massager

Say " Good Bye" To Neck Pain!

Neck pain occurs when the neck muscles are strained due to improper sleeping positions or poor postures at work are some reasons that induce pain in such areas.

If you are working at your computer or using gadgets for long hours, you are sure to develop neck pain.

You need to loosen up those muscles pain. Massage away your discomfort with the 4 Head Intelligent Cervical Massager SmartX™.

This SmartX™ will relieves your aches, knots and muscle tension, combined with modern electronic technology and several patents to simulate real human massage for the best massage.

This 4 Head Electric Pulse Neck Massager heats up in seconds to mimic warm human hands and deliver "life-like" therapy for neck soreness, shoulder discomfort, and body tension.


  • Improving flexibility
  • Increasing natural pain killing Endorphin's
  • Assisting in recovery from sports activities and injuries
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving circulation problems
  • Alleviating chronic and temporary pain and inflammation
  • Relaxation and restores a calm mind
Perfect for your neck aches and very portable to carry-on anywhere. 

Recovery of muscle soreness - massaging on sore areas of the body encourages increased blood flow and oxygen which helps soothes pain and reduces inflammation.

Helps reduce migraines - 
dramatic reduce in headache pain

Reduces stress and anxiety - 
Not only your neck will benefit from SmartX™ but your mood elevates too! 

4 high-grade node deliver an immersive shiatsu massage, which is set up to automatically reverse directions every minute during each individual session.

To deliver the high-quality and safe products to customers, SmartX™ takes all aspects of manufacturing and testing processes to be registered by FDA guidelines.

Cutting-edge PTC technology provides safer and faster heating with a constant temperature.

SmartX™ built-in adavance sensor can precisely control the temperature range to avoid excessive heat.

With unique headphone style, this fashion cordless massager adopts exquisite design and lightweight design.

With high elastic frame technology, intelligent 3D suspension design and 4 point fixed design to fit your neck better.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and does not need to plug in during use.

A relaxing massage for up to 70-80 minutes on a single charge.

It allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage anywhere.

Package includes:

1x SmartX™ 
1x USB Cable