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Facial Muscle Toner and Trainer


Using Facial Muscle Toner and Trainer, you can train the muscles of the mouth around the mouth, which are not used easily in everyday life, and the muscles of the face can be effectively trained, and the ascent is aimed at!

Just shake and hang! Twice a day! The teaching method is very simple. Two sets of 30 seconds, that is, 1 day a day! It is a charm to continue without permission.

Weight-three stages!

Scene weight adjustment can be adjusted using balun weight accessories. You can train from light to hard to the individual level.

  • Delay Aging In One Minute A Day - Your face is a muscle too, and just like any muscle, it requires users to keep sagging at bay. It only takes a minute a day, and this is fun and humorous at the same time. Keep your skin healthy and young-looking!

  • Use It Anywhere - Just place this in your mouth and nod for a minute to keep your skin toned and youthful! It's portable and you can take it with you anywhere and use it at any time (though you might get some quizzical looks if you use it on the subway).

  • Keep Those Selfies Looking Fine - Droopy cheeks and double chins can be caused by loose facial muscles. Tighten them up and get those selfies rolling!

  • Size - Approx. 8" long


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